Pediatric Psychopharmacology for Primary Care Clinicians

Mark A. Riddle

This innovative new resource provides a game-changing new approach in managing the complicated issues surrounding prescribing and monitoring psychopharmacological medications in children and teens. The new concept involves creating different levels of drugs. Level 1 drugs can be confidently prescribed by primary care physicians, and the book gives guidance on starting, dosing, monitoring, and managing adverse reactions. Level 2 drugs are to be prescribed only by psychiatrists or those practicing paediatricians who have experience and comfort doing so. The book provides guidance for primary care physicians on monitoring specific Level 2 medications their patients may be taking. It also provides resources on clinical assessment, preparation, and conceptual framework for prescribing; what to do if the medication isn't working; and managing multiple medications. The compact reference book will be accompanied by a digital tool allowing the physician to quickly access information on specific conditions and medications.


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