Manual of Foetal Monitoring Made Easy

Manual of foetal moniotring made easyBy

  • Richa Saxena MBBS MD, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, New Delhi, India, Family Physician and Gynaecologist

In the 12 chapters of this book, the author have tried to give the detailed description of clinical examination as well as the many more sophisticated methods used for evaluating the foetus. Some of these methods in the antenatal period include, ultrasound examination, Doppler ultrasound, electronic foetal heart rate monitoring, etc. Foetal assessment tests in early pregnancy such as amniocentesis and CVS and those in late pregnancy, including tests like NST, CST, BPP, etc., amniotic fluid assessment and tests for foetal lung maturity have also been described. Since the developing baby derives its nourishment and protection from the placenta, it is important to understand the anatomy and physiology of placenta and uteroplacental circulation, which is discussed in details in Chapter 2.


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