Breastfeeding Telephone Triage and Advice

Maya Bunik
>Created by a leading breastfeeding and phone care practitioner, this newly revised problem-solver helps nurses, lactation professionals, and other medical staff confidently advise breastfeeding mothers. It is ideal for use with AAP”Pediatric Telephone Protocols.”
For quick, convenient access, 65 practice-tested protocolsare grouped by topic area: Mother, milk expression, baby early and later, and special circumstances. More thant 50 illuminating photos help triagers zero-in on caller problems.
New in the 2nd Edition

  • New Protocolsincluding breast pain chronic > 1 week, low milk supply in older baby > 6 months, marijuana use, MRSA, and sleepy newborn
  • New content throughout–all sections and references thoroughly updated
  • Essential new informationon medications and the nursing mom
  • New quick-reference tableson pain in breastfeeding and overcoming obstacles to exclusivity


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