Manual of Standard Drugs and Evidence-based Approach to Obstetrics and Gynecology

by Pal Amitava, Modak Rupali

This manual has been written by two experienced teachers to provide the latest information of drugs for clinical practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Drugs mentioned here are internationally accepted for safe practice. The Obstetric section mainly includes drugs in low risk pregnancies, high risk pregnancies, and during labor and puerperium. Similarly the Gynecological section adjusts the scope of issues of drugs in different clinical fields. The recommendations of drugs in different clinical situations are evidence based. Evidence-based medicine is the standard method for safe clinical practice. Here the evidence-based approach for research methodology has also been highlighted for beginners and to understand the research articles published in the journals. The latest informations which are incorporated in different chapters are available from various clinical guidelines, recent advances, year books and journals. A major objective of this manual is to provide the convenient pharmacology of different drugs including indications, dosage and side effects. The different statistical calculations are made easy for research works .This manual is very much helpful for medical students, nurses and busy practitioners. It is an easy to use resource in hand book form by the side of the patient and also for thesis purpose. This book should be kept in each medical college library, clinician’s office and personal custody of the students.


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