Manual of Reproductive Health Care

by Bhattacharya Susmita

Women’s health is a central part of the health of the nation. Reproductive health is an important aspect of women’s health. As we can see reproductive health is largely perceived in the context of fertility and maternity. It is viewed as a biological and medical problem hence, management is also medical. In the field of community medicine, reproductive health issues have social, cultural, economic, and political dimensions. Hence, comprehensive approach is necessary. The book is written with the aim of presenting reproductive health problems in relation to sociocultural and medical dimensions. The chapters on ante-, intra- and postnatal cares focus on prevention of complications and care at primary level. In the chapter on nutrition along with nutritional requirement, common sources of essential nutrients, and simple and practical menu has been included. In all the chapters, social causes, possible solutions and actions at community level, role of primary care workers and need of community participation have been highlighted. Wherever it is relevant, specific advice, counseling and health education have been discussed. There are a large number of policies and programs which affect reproductive health of women. However, a few of them are presented here. The book is primarily written for medical students. It will also be useful for teachers and practitioners of public health, community medicine, obstetrics and gynecology.


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