A Manual of Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery

by Alkatout Ibrahim, Mettler Liselotte, Agarwal Meenu
9789351527664The book A Manual of Minimally Invasive GYNECOLOGICAL SURGERY helps in greater understanding of gynecological endoscopy. This book covers both laparoscopic as well as hysteroscopic surgery. The chapters give practical advice and focus on tips and tricks on various techniques in gynecological endoscopic surgery. The first section covers the basic OT armamentarium and safe access into peritoneal cavity for the residents and gynecologists to begin their journey of endoscopy. The correct methodology of suturing has been covered in detail. The book covers various surgical procedures in the field of gynecology. Pelvic floor repair is an upcoming surgical modality by laparoscopic route. The management of complications of laparoscopy and medicolegal aspects in the form of clinical cases have been covered. The instrumentation and the procedure of hysteroscopy have been discussed in detail. There is description of complications along with fluid management during hysteroscopy has been incorporated in this section on hysteroscopy.

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