Recent Advances in Obstetrics & Gynecology: Perineal Disorders

by Dutta Dilip Kumar
9789351523093The book focuses on perineal tear, its anatomy, and the identification of early complication to prevent maternal mortality. It provides accurate information about the procedure required to treat perineal tear and the safety measure to be taken during treatment. The book covers topics like definition on perineal tear, risk factors for perineal tear, classification of perineal tear, indications of episiotomy, performing an episiotomy, how to reduce perineal trauma, antibiotic prophylaxis for third- and fourth-degree perineal tear during vaginal birth, diagnosis of perineal trauma and identification of obstetric anal sphincter injuries, management of perineal tear, laxative use recommendations, antibiotic use and pelvic floor exercises, complications of perineal trauma and the role of perineal clinic, concerns in future pregnancy and mode of delivery, hemorrhoids in pregnancy and its management, and managing constipation in pregnancy. The book will act as guide to obstetrician, nurse and its related staff.


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