DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics

by Dutta DC
9789351527237This book “Textbook of Obstetrics” focuses on obstetrics. All the chapters have been extensively revised and critically reorganized. Medical advances up to the time of publication have been integrated. In recognition of the advanced technology, the book provides sonograms, including Doppler studies, microphotographs, MR images, data graphs and laparoscopic images. All these are represented in wonderful vivid colors. Practical obstetrics with a total number of 52 high quality photographs of instruments, sonograms, specimens, M R images and drugs is of immense value, specifically for the practical part of the examination. The comprehensive information this book is prorated and given in a total of 42 chapters. It discusses about anatomy of female reproductive organs, diagnosis of pregnancy, normal labor, and abnormalities of the puerperium, disease of the fetus and the newborn, population dynamics and control of conception, operative obstetrics, etc. Further, it also highlights about safe motherhood, newborn’s health and practical obstetrics.


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