Practical Management of Male Infertility

by Garcia-Velasco Juan A, Banker Manish, Shah Rupin
9789351525707This handbook serves as a handy update and reference volume to the gynecologist dealing with infertile couples. For long, male factor has been always considered to be a minor issue as opposed to female. Male himself was usually reluctant to come for evaluation, and the burden of infertility fell upon the woman. If we carry out a correct diagnosis of the male and his semen sample we will be able to find the best way to tackle this pathology and, therefore, improve the condition of the couple when facing their sterility problem. Over the years we are witnessing an enthralling emergence of new approaches for the diagnosis of the male factor including its genetic study. This practical handbook seeks to update the clinician with clinically relevant advances in this field. The first two chapters discuss the new WHO guidelines for semen analysis and the use of special tests to assess sperm function, especially DNA integrity. Subsequent chapters address the uncommon problem of ejaculatory failure, the treatment through medical and surgical therapy, and the clinical approach to the evaluation and management.


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