State-of-the-Art Atlas and Textbook of Laparoscopic Suturing in Gynecology

by Jain Nutan
9789351524779This book, State-of-the-Art Atlas and Textbook of Laparoscopic Suturing in Gynecology, deals with laparoscopic suturing in gynecology. Suturing and sutures have been an integral part of surgery since its inception. Suturing via laparoscopic access poses challenges; it is certainly more difficult and time consuming to acquire proficiency in laparoscopic suturing compared to suturing by open access. The book covers various modes of laparoscopic suturing and suturing instruments, comprehensively in superbly illustrated chapters. Included are detailed chapters on extracorporeal and intracorporeal suturing, sliding knots, use of barbed sutures, and microsurgical, single port and robotic suturing; chapters on equipment, needle holders, knot pushers, and on pelvic trainers and simulators for teaching endoscopic suturing. Many of the chapters dealing with suturing include detailed description of techniques of specific surgical procedures. The book also contains excellent chapters on: dedicated endoscopic operating room, myomectomy, repair of ureter and bladder injury, appendectomy, chapters dealing with genital prolapse, and a chapter describing three different techniques of posterior colpotomy, etc. Lastly, laparoscopic microsurgery has been extremely well elaborated and will instantly prompt the reader to venture into this new modality.


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