Pregnancy Medicine

by Deshpande Alaka K
9789351524687The book Pregnancy Medicine described pregnancy as an amazing and fulfilling life event. Better understanding of the disease processes, advanced diagnostic techniques, newer therapeutic molecules are all directed towards the betterment of the health and care, which need a multidisciplinary approach. Preconception counseling is the first and the most important step in successful obstetric outcome. Infectious diseases accounts for high mortality in the developing countries. High prevalence of jaundice, diabetes, thyroid dysfunctions, respiratory diseases, psychiatric illnesses, blood disorders, seizure disorders, cardiac problems, rising incidences of SLE, and various skin disorders during pregnancy have serious repercussions which need comprehensive care. Increasing awareness about the use of cord blood transplantation has been extensively presented here. The last chapter describes the steps to be taken for the immediate care of the newborn.


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