IAP Textbook of Vaccines

by Shah Nitin K, Agrawal Rohit, Sukumaran TU, Vashishtha Vipin M
9789350909478 The Developmental Pediatrics is a comprehensive resource that offers pediatrician a basic knowledge of age-related development and behavioral issues in children and approach to deal with behavioral issues. The book focuses on developing the ability to differentiate between a specific cognitive disability ‘Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’ from a specific social, emotional and behavioral disability ‘Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)’, which often appear similar to the inexperienced pediatrician. The book includes chapters on clinical approach to a child with behavior problems, overview of ASD, diagnostic criteria of DSM IV and V for PDD and ASD and ADHD, and psychometric tools used in screening and diagnosing ASD and ADHD. The book also includes chapters on management of ASD and ADHD in children. This book is a marvelous resource for all physicians caring for children.

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