Management of Childhood Bronchial Asthma

Author: Sukumaran TU

The book discusses on various aspects of asthma in children, the number of phenotypes and genotypes responsible for asthma. It also discusses about the features of asthma, its history, physical examination required, causes and various risk factors involved. They emphasis on aerosol therapy of bronchial asthma, about various life saving devices like MDI, dry powder inhalers and nebulizers, the technique to use them and instruction to maintain them in a proper way. It explains about the cause of wheezing during asthma and different factors responsible for wheezing other than asthma. The various types of asthma occurring in the children are creases in lower eyelid, allergic line, allergic gape and allergic mannerism. It also discusses about the duty of the physician required to make the patients’ parents understand about the diseases, how to control it and the treatment procedures the child has to undergo.


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