Principles and Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology (3 Volumes)

Author: Rao Kamini A, Carp Howard, Fischer Robert, PS Divyashree, Kumari K Anitha S, VV Bezar Ghan

This book is on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). It comprises of three volumes: Volume 1 is based on Infertility, Volume 2 is IVF and Laboratory Aspects of Andrology, Volume 3 is an Atlas of Human Embryology, and, therefore, this is a complete companion for anyone who is practicing infertility. It is also beautifully illustrated; the drawings and photographs are clear, colorful and well labeled. The discussion of male infertility includes a thorough chapter on the cytogenetics of male infertility and medical management. In regards to the female, it is hard to find an area that is not covered. Interesting to this, there are chapters on Tuberculosis and Infertility and the Role of Fibroids in Infertility to site just a few. It is an extremely current contribution because of the temporal interest in lifestyle that is addressed in a thoughtful way. Medical endocrinology includes the diseases of the thyroid and prolactin.


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