Pediatrics for Practitioner

Author: Thora Sharad, Goswami VP, Yewale Vijay, Jain Hemant, Rawat SS, Malpani Preeti, Mehta Nirbhay, Jain Nilesh

This book is designed to keep a pediatrician updated to the common pediatric problems with step-wise approaches made for their diagnosis and management. Pediatrics is still a developing subject with ever-changing concepts. It includes topics on general pediatrics, neonatal problems and common pediatric emergencies. It also discusses the problems faced by children due to nutrients deficiency like iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin E. The need for genetic counseling and medicolegal issues in pediatric practice are also discussed. The common pediatric problems that are discussed are hypothermia, respiratory distress, jaundice, cyanosis, status epilepticus, arthritis, malaria, dengue and so on. The common behavioral problems, poor school performances, delayed speech, life skill education programs, adolescent problems, childhood poisoning (snake bite, dog bite) are also discussed. This book acts as a handbook for a pediatrician to go through the important topics in a short period of time and get the answers to common problems.


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