Manual on Operative Obstetrics

Author: Raut Vanita, Purandare Ameya, Khedekar Vinayak

This book deals with operative obstetrics. Operative obstetrics is an absolutely essential component in the conduct of childbirth so as optimize maternal and fetal outcome. Operative Obstetrics has evolved and transformed over the years. Keeping this in mind the authors have compiled this manual containing some vital topics which would be of immense practical use to all obstetricians. Across nine chapters the book discusses themes like the incompetence cervix, operative vaginal delivery, caesarean section, obstetric hysterectomy, shoulder dystocia, labor after a prior caesarean birth, and lower genital tract trauma during parturition. Written in an accessible and jargon-free style the book can be useful for medical practitioners, students and general readers as well.


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