Manual on Operative Laparoscopy

Author: Nayak Arun, Dalal Asha, Sankpal Rajendra, Modi Rajesh

The Manual on Operative Laparoscopy depicts several aspects of laparoscopic surgery with better understanding of the advances in technology and the corresponding training facilities. Some of the specific topics covered include the basic instruments in laparoscopy, laparoscopic ovarian drilling, surgical management of adenomyosis, outcome of laparoscopic myomectomy, etc. 3D laparoscopy is found to overcome problems of 2D laparoscopy by providing excellent depth perception, definition, and resolution. Tissue approximation by suturing remains the most reliable, cost effective and professionally satisfying method for repair of defects and achieving hemostasis. The primary goal in the management of recurrent disease is the treatment of pain and/or restoration or preservation of fertility. Laparoscopy is now accepted as the gold standard for the management of masses that have low risk of malignancy but several studies in the past have questioned the use in suspicious adnexal masses.


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