A Practical Guide to First Trimester of Pregnancy

Author: Arora Mala, Sharma Alok

The book discusses about all relevant aspects of the first trimester, where the obstetrician may need guidance in decision making. It deals with the various physiological and hormonal changes observed during pregnancy, about dating and chorionicity condition, a proper diet to be maintained during pregnancy, supportive drug to be used, vaccination to be taken during pregnancy, effects of smoking and alcohol abuse on the fetus, about abnormal vaginal discharge seen in pregnant women, medical disorders, surgical procedures, twin pregnancy, recurrent first trimester pregnancy loss and about the associated gynecological conditions. It also discusses about the various measures and treatment required for pregnant women who are HIV positive, so that the fetus does not acquire HIV. The imaging techniques like laparoscopy, transvaginal color Doppler sonography and ultrasonography used for observing the development of the fetus and to detect if any complication has occurred in pregnancy are discussed. It also mentions about the legal procedure required for medical termination of pregnancy according to the Indian Penal Code section 312–318. The book acts like a practical guide to management of first trimester and incorporates a blend of accepted guidelines, practical inputs and recent advances, required on the journey of pregnancy.


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