Pediatric Infectious Disease: A Practically Painless Review

by Christine M. Houser
Often, information in review books canraise as many questions as it answers. This interferes with the study process, because the learner must either look up additional information or skip ahead without truly comprehending what he or she hasread.As an alternative,Pediatric Infectious Disease: A Practically Painless Reviewpresentsbite-size chunks of information that can be read and processed rapidly, helping learners tostay active while studying and to pick up new information the first time they read it.This book’squestion and answer format allows for self-testing orstudy with a partner or a group. The format alsofacilitates dipping into the book during a few minutes of downtime at the hospital or office. Pediatric Infectious Disease: A Practically Painless Review is a quick and easy way to master tricky infectious disease topics and issuitable for those studying for the pediatricboard exam, practicing physicians brushing up their skills, and any busy clinician who wants to learn more about this topic while on the go.


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