Manual of Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care

Author: Shah Prashant

Pediatric cardiac surgery has emerged as a separate subspecialty in cardiac surgery. The most important aspect for better outcome of congenital cardiac surgery is Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care. This book consists of all the protocols that have to be followed by a pediatrician for a successful cardiac surgery. It explains all the procedures from the time of receiving patient to the end that is postoperative care. The book explains the various methods or procedures followed for monitoring techniques, cardiovascular functioning and assessment, pulmonary hypertension crisis and its management, respiratory assessment and its management, fluid and electrolyte management. It also explains the heart defects, syndrome and nosocomial infections with their cause, clinical features, diagnosis, postoperative – care, courses, management and treatment or therapy. It also deals with the nutrition of patient and the various methods used for feeding them. The various sedatives and anesthesia used in cardiac surgery with its distinct function are also explained. Adequate postoperative care can nullify the benefits of a meticulously carried out complex cardiac repair and result in morbidity or even mortality.


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