Recurrent Pregnancy Loss – ECAB

by Kamini Rao (Editor)
Recurrent miscarriage is a distressing problem that affects 1% of all women in the reproductive age group. This incidence is greater than that expected by chance alone, since 10-15% of all clinically recognised pregnancies end in a miscarriage. The calculated risk of three consecutive pregnancy losses is estimated to be 0.34%. Hence, only a proportion of women presenting with recurrent miscarriage will have a persistent underlying cause for their pregnancy losses.

Maternal age and previous number of miscarriages are two independent risk factors for a further miscarriage. The advanced maternal age adversely affects ovarian function, giving rise to a decline in the number of good quality oocytes, resulting in chromosomally abnormal conceptions that rarely develop further.

The eminent authors for “Recurrent Pregnancy Loss” have enumerated the various options available described in detail their experiences regarding the various aspects of the condition.


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