Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – ECAB

by Gita Ganguly Mukherjee (Editor)

PCOS is a complex endocrinopathy with wide-ranging variations and clinical manifestations. In the field of gynecology, the clinician is called upon to treat problems of menstrual irregularity, acne and hirsutism, infertility, obesity, and for education on long-term consequences. The mainstay of pharmacological treatment aims at ovarian suppression of androgen secretion. The most effective medical therapy for hirsutism in these cases thus appears to be antiandrogen drugs. The patients need to undergo the therapies for long periods and also understand the need of maintenance. Electrolysis and laser photothermolysis are considered the most effective cosmetic procedures. PCOS is a heterogeneous disorder and no single etiological factor fully accounts for the whole spectrum of the abnormalities in this condition. Only a few genes and mutations show considerable evidence of association with PCOS. Variable manifestation observed within PCOS patients may be due to the interaction with environmental factors with protective genomic variant and predisposing genes. The eminent authors of “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome” have enumerated the various options available described in detail their experiences regarding the various aspects of the condition.


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