Teenage Pregnancy : Problems and Solutions

Author: Dutta Dilip Kumar

This book Teenage Pregnancy: Problems and Solutions not only highlight overview of teenage pregnancy but also find out the way to solve problems especially in Indian context. Pregnancy during teenage period is high rising in all over the world due to socio-economic-political reasons. Incidence of maternal mortality and morbidity are increasing due to anemia, PET and obstructed labor, etc. Teenage pregnancy, a burning problem in both developed as well as developing countries, refers to pregnancy in a female under the age of 20 years. In India, teenage pregnancy is an important public-health problem. Data of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-3 revealed that 16% of women, aged 15–19 years, have already started childbearing. Early marriage sometimes means adolescent pregnancy, particularly in rural regions where the rate is much higher, i.e. 21.21% than it is in urbanized areas. Studies done in various parts of the country‘s, such as Mumbai showed a rate of 33.17%, Kolkata 15.7%, Madurai 13.1%, Hyderabad 5.1%, and Coimbatore 12.69%. Main complications of teenage pregnancy are premature delivery, small for gestational age infants, low birth weight, increased neonatal mortality, anemia, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, high incidence of operative deliveries, etc. This book will be a major contribution to improve knowledge. It should help us in daily practice and also advice on policies and philosophies to tackle the issue of teenage pregnancy.


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