Pediatric Milestones

Author: Mhaske Sunil Natha, Aher Gautam Shantinath

This book has been written and edited by Dr Sunil N Mhaske (Professor and Head) with a vast teaching experience in Pediatrics including personal interest in history of medical science. The topics have been highly selected and there are 6 chapters which cover the entire spectrum of historical aspect. The chapters are well laid down starting from Before Christ era 1-500AD, 501-1000 AD, 1001-1500 AD, 1501-2000 and ending with a chapter on 2001-2012AD. The individual chapters provide extensive knowledge needed to understand work done by those “FATHER FIGURES”. The scan pictures, photographs of actual father figures are worth knowing hisorical aspect of Pediatrics. This book is perfect masterpiece and seems to incorporate unimagible ammout of knowledge in one book at our desk. The work done in making the book reflects immence ammount of pain taking efforts time and research. This is a small step in the field and one giant leap for pediatric history.


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