Donald School Manual of Practical Problems in Obstetrics

Donald School manual of practical problems in obstetricsBy

  • Narendra Malhotra MD FICOG  FICMCH, Director , Malhotra Nursing and Maternity Home (P) Ltd, Agra , Consultant , Apollo Pankaj Hospital , Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, President, FOGSI 2008, Dean, ICMU 2008
  • Randhir Puri, WHO Fellow (Materno Fetal Medicine), Gynecologist, Military H ospital, Belgaum, India
  • Jaideep Malhotra, Consultant, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Malhotra Hospitals, Center for Woman Care and Research, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

The book “Donald School Manual of Practical Problems in Obstetrics” is a comprehensive review of problems that may occur during pregnancy and labour. Obstetrics is the fastest changing branch of medicine and needs extra care as the obstetrician looks after two lives during the antenatal period. The contents of the book cover all types of problems during pregnancy and labour and every aspect of obstetrics management. The layout of the book is simple and attracts, text is lucid for easy read and write. The book consists of thirty nine chapters, well arranged in a coherent manner. Several chapters are dedicated to labour and include topics such as instrumental delivery, postpartum problems, haemorrhage and neonatal resuscitation. Beginning with antenatal care and surveillance throughout pregnancy, the following chapters discuss various medical conditions that may arise including diabetes, pulmonary and neurological diseases, urinary complications, cardiac disease and endocrine disorders. With contributions from internationally renowned obstetricians, this manual includes more than 400 images and illustrations. The manual of practical problems in obstetrics by Donald School will be used by students, practitioner and teachers.


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