Photographic Atlas of Pediatric Disorders and Diagnosis Retail PDF

Photographic atlas of pediatric disorders and diagnosisBy

  • Ralph Salimpour
  • Pedram Salimpour
  • Pejman Salimpour



Visual inspection is the first component of the physical examination and fundamental to diagnosis. Photographic Atlas of Pediatric Disorders and Diagnosis the visual teaching of pathology in pediatrics. With more than 300 common and rare pediatric disorders and over 800 images, this product offers an impressive selection of photographs to help clinicians diagnosis and treat patients. This atlas is vast in its breadth and depth and presented for maximum utility using an interactive multimedia approach.  Each disease is shown with all of its manifestations – not just the most common ones. The text offers some of the more common disorders, while the on-line site offers an array of rarer diseases as well as a large selection of supplemental images for all of the diseases.

Key Features

  • Each topic includes etiology, symptoms, signs, treatment and clinical pearls
  • An anatomical table of contents will be included to help find possible diagnosis when presented with odd physical features
  • More than 300 topics covered
  • More than 800 printed images
  • Companion website containing full text, several online-only topics, images, and videos


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